Traffic Finial Barriers

Traffic Finial Assemblies are very susceptible to the ingress of carbon, small insects and moisture. The combination of carbon and moisture often leads to tracking across the internal components resulting in electrical faults and in more severe cases damage requiring complete replacement of the unit.

The i3infrasolutions Traffic Finial Barriers provide a retrofit able solution to extend the life of the Traffic Finial and reduce the need for costly and dangerous fault finding and repairs.

  • Strong Bristle Brush –  prevents Carbon and Small Insects entering the base of the finial
  • Hydrophobic Gasket –  limits Moisture entering from pole into finial
  • Retrofit Installation – no need to disconnect the existing 36core cables

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i3S-FBSET Traffic Finial Barrier Set – Carbon and Moisture
i3S-FBCBN Traffic Finial Carbon Barrier
i3S-FBMST Traffic Finial Moisture Barrier Set
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